Scandal: Wayne Rooney Cheating on His Pregnant Wife

Wayne Rooney and wifeThe Wayne Rooney scandal keeps on going and takes more intensive turns.

Recently it was revealed that Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United striker, had encounters with a prostitute while his wife was pregnant. And the prostitute has confirmed the information to friends and has also revealed some more interesting facts.

According to her words, Thompson had relations with 3 other Manchester footballers, in a night club.

According to a British Newspaper, Wayne Rooney has already confessed to his wife about what he has done, but he claimed it was not a big deal. This is exactly the opposite of what the public thinks and discusses.

Reports also say that the player has apologized to his wife for what he has done. Nobody knows yet whether the two will stay together after this.

What is known – is that Jennifer Thompson was charging 1200 pounds ($1900) for an encounter.

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