Seeking For Fine Food? – Go To Gourmet Boutique!

Gourmet Boutique is a USDA approved manufacturer of high quality, preservative-free specialty foods and is the natural choice in offering your customers the absolute finest foods available.

Gourmet Boutique’s state-of-the-art production facilities make us uniquely capable of providing superior Home Meal Replacement foods (HMR) to supermarkets and gourmet food stores throughout the country.

Fine food lovers are the target market of a new shop which has opened in the centre of Hamilton.Based on the corner of Reid and Queen Streets, alongside its retail offering, the new boutique holds product tastings, as well as the wholesale and corporate sales side of the business out of its office upstairs, which has been in operation since February.

The Gourmet Boutique &Galler Chocolatier, which is a family business run by owner Bernadette Walker, her husband Leetroy and daughter Kelly Creary, sells everything from chocolate, shortbread and tea to cheese, caviar, foiegras and smoked salmon.

“When I was living in London we would buy some different things and just have a nice romantic weekend and that is where the inspiration came from,” says Ms Walker.”We are essentially a boutique within a boutique.The products we sell are the best of their kind and we want to provide our customers with products which can be paired with each other.”

The shop stocks a range of goods from Galler chocolate, the Shortbread House of Edinburgh shortbread and Whittard of Chelsea tea, tea pots and mugs to Artisanal cheese, Petrossian caviar and foiegras, H Forman & Son smoked salmon, Italian olive oil and own brand preserves.

Customers can also just sit back and relax while reading a paper or book and watch the world go by outside or simply enjoy the atmosphere.

Meanwhile corporate customers can have gift baskets made up for clients, special occasions and the like, costing between $25 and $500, with Ms Walker already establishing a customer base of six corporate and four wholesale clients.

The Gourmet Boutique is open from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

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