“Stigma” and Heroin Addicts

stigma and heroin addictsA life sentence of stigma prevents heroin and cocaine addicts from recovering, according to think-tanks.

The UK Drug Policy Comission (UKDPC) says that the Government must undertake the “extreme prejudice” against drug users because it prevents them from getting back to work and rejoining society.

It should be shown more compassion to addicts with purpose to overcome the current barriers of rehabilitation. Also should be considered plans to withdraw welfare benefits from addicted people who refuse treatment.

Charlie Lloyd, a senior lecturer at York University and the report’s author, said that there is no getting away from the fact that our current society is none too keen on drug users, and even former users, but such attitudes betray a lack of understanding about the nature of addiction which is having many profound effects.

Hence, use of heroin and crack, in particular, can be seen to come with a ‘stigma life sentence’ which is a crucial barrier to recovery and rejoining society.

Also people should avoid hostile attitudes which can add the additional barriers for addicts who try to escape from drug dependence.

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