Tea Party Core Sends Stunning Message To Glenn Beck

glenn beck controlled oppositionThe alternative media and thought leaders who were calling for a return to the constitution and bill of rights long before the Tea Party were even in diapers, have released a shocking message that hit Glenn Beck right in the mouth:

Glenn, you’re a Benedict Arnold!

That’s correct- the anointed “leader” of the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, has been accused of being a trader and working for the very elite and powerful who control us from behind the scenes, according to several high profile alternative media personalities, including Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Bob Chapman,Edward Griffin and many, many more.

“These people fit the bill perfectly of controlled opposition” said Edward G. Griffin during his recent interview on the Alex Jones show when speaking about Glenn Beck and the recent restoring honor rally.

Controlled opposition is a favorite political tactic to effectively embrace a group of people who are ready to rebel against something and lead them back into the tyranny they were originally fighting against, in a sneaky and “roundabout” way.

Controlled opposition is always supported by, directly or indirectly, the groups that people are rebelling against and quite often they created by these groups themselves to control the herd of people on both sides of the fight and set the parameters of debate. A good example of this may be the “left/right” argument in the USA where despite their differences, both mainstream parties support the war, the endless banker bailouts, the continued integration of big business and big government and more.

Glenn Beck is specifically being called out by the alternative media for his staunch support of:

* Preemptive war and support for invading Iran
* The Patriot Act’s warrantless wiretapping on the American public
* The banker bailout
* A VAT tax to continue to support the very bankers who created the problem to begin with

“The Tea Party needs to wake up and realize that people like Beck and Palin are walking them right over the edge of a cliff” said Thomas Nordgren, a self proclaimed “tea party core member” at the restoring honor rally last week.

“Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are NOT the answer. They are agents who support all of the institutions who got us into this predicament in the first place to ensure the dissatisfied public/tea party general public is kept at bay and doesn’t stray too far” added Nordgren.

Glenn Beck’s team didn’t respond to our requests for a reply to these ongoing accusations from the Tea Party core.

In any event, if you’re paying attention, this debate is not going away. If Palin and Beck are to give the Tea Party confidence their intentions are pure, they will need to eventually answer to constitutionalists like Alex Jones, who had this to say about Beck:

“He’s a Benedict Arnold and it makes me sick.”

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