The Annual Chicago Triathlon Takes Place Today

Chicago Triathlon

For those fans of running, biking and swimming it is going to be a perfect day because today is the running of the annual Chicago Triathlon.

This is the 28th year when the event is celebrating and it is considered to be the largest event of its kind.

The race began at 6:00 AM this morning, and will commence at 3:00pm with the award ceremony.

The event, like all triathlons includes running, biking, and swimming.

There will be a 1.5K swim in Monrow Street Harbor. Swimmers will then exit the water and proceed to run 450 yards. The athletes will then get on their bicycles, for a 40K ride beginning down Lake Shore Drive. They will then get off of their bikes and begin running just south of Randolph at the grass reserve for 5K or 10K, depending on their level of skill.

This year’s triathlon is sure to please people who come from all over the world to watch and take part in the Chicago event.

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