Too Salty?

New movie with Angelina Jolie is released officially on July 23d in the USA. Jolie stars as a CIA agent framed as Russian spy on the run, trying to save her husband. She shines in a role that was actually written for Tom Cruise, and she did most of her own stunts. A decidedly very “Angelina Jolie action film”, “Salt” fell short of Mrs. Brad Pitt’s two previous outing as an ass-kicking heroine, including 2008′s “Wanted”, which grossed over $50 million in its first weekend, and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2005, which also grossed around $50 million in its debut.

There are no slow or boring parts in this film. This movie is considered as one of  the best political / spy / mole movies since that all time classic “No Way Out” in 1987. There are twists and turns all the way till the end, so try not to go to the bathroom!

There were no other major new studio competition for “Salt” over the weekend, except for the kid-friendly “Ramona and Beezus” and Nolan’s “Inception”.


North America – Jul 23d

Europe – Jul, 29th-Oct, 29th

South America – Jul, 23d-Oct, 30th

Asia Pacific – Jul, 23d-Aug, 19th

Middle East-Africa – Jul, 22d-Sep, 3d

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