Trace Adkins About Mosque

Trace Adkins About Mosque

Today Trace Adkins stopped by “Fox & Friends” to sing his current single “This Ain’t No Love Song” promoting his new CD named “Cowboy’s Black in Town”.

But also he was noticed talking with Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Alisyn Camerota about the controversial New York mosque planned for near Ground Zero.

By Adkins’ opinion, the mosque issue is basically a no win situation for Americans in terms of how we’ll be viewed by Muslim people throughout the world. If we allow the mosque to be built, we’ll be viewed as weak, and the mosque will be seen as a victory of Islam over America. And, if we don’t allow it, we’ll be viewed as intolerant if Islam.

Building mosque – is a slap in the face. – he added.

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