Two 11 Year Old Boys Sentenced for Attempted Rape

Today in the United Kingdom, two 11-year-old boys were sentenced for attempting to rape an 8 year old girl. Each of them was given three years supervision.

Last October, when the girl told her mother that she had been assaulted, the boys were 10 years old. The incident took place in Hayes, west London, UK.

Both boys were found guilty by a 10-2 majority at the end of an Old Bailey trial. The judge rejected the defense of the teacher of one of the boys, who described him as a model pupil. The boys explained the situation as they were just being naughty and were trying to play a game like doctors and nurse.

During the sentencing today, the judge said that he doesn’t accept that what happened was a game but also accepts that boys didn’t fully realize how serious what they were doing was.

The judge also added that to impose any sort of custodial sentence would be “counter-productive” and not in the best interests of the boys.

The boys, who had been told in advance that they would not be locked up, chatted excitedly and looked round the court as they were brought in at the start of today’s brief hearing.

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