Two Moons on August, 27: True or False?

two moons

There was a rumor that two moons will appear in the sky today, August 27.

If it is true, the night sky will be so shining with two moons. As the Mars is going to appear so large on Friday night, the Earth will witness for an ethereal wonder.

As the reports announce, the Earth will face two moons tonight.  But anyways the Planet can’t look like the Moon. But it will just appear as a mere pinprick of light. Still the light ball will feel as a full moon for the sky watchers.

This bogus spectacular is supposed to happen as the Mars appears at 195 million miles from Earth and closer to Venus. Then the western sky will be seen with two moonlike light balls where one would be real and another – fake.

And never think this is due to the Moon’s shrinking in size than Mars. But the Moon will be roughly 400 times larger than Mars will be supposed to appear tonight.

Austro experts have reported that Mars will have an apparent diameter of about 4.4 arc seconds. And the moon, by contrast, will have an apparent diameter of about 29.5 arc minutes.

Meanwhile, some reports claim that this is one of that rare incidents in the sky that happening after long years.

Some claim that Earth has two moons has been making the rounds since 2003. In August of that year, the orbits of Earth and Mars brought the two planets to their closest encounter in some 60,000 years. But “close” is a relative term. The two planets were still some 34.6 million miles apart, according to the report.

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