Was Rand Paul a Wild Student?

rand paulThe Kentucky GOP Senate candidate, Rand Paul, could well be the right-wing newsmaker of this year’s election season.

People should give him credit actually. Somehow the things he says manage to keep him in the press lots more than most candidates with the possible exception of Nevada’s Sharon Angle. Does the mainstream media attack the libertarian candidates because they don’t represent the “left” or “right” at all but rather constitution loving Americans?

GQ magazine has reported about an incident involving a fellow student (who remained anonymous) at Baylor University, whom Paul and a fellow classmate allegedly tied up, took to their apartment, tried to make her take bong hits, then took to a lake near Waco, Tex., and tried to force her to worship a god they called “Aqua Buddha.”

According to writer Jason Zengerle, it was just one of several eccentricities Paul was involved in as part of a liberal secret society called the NoZe Brotherhood, which pranked and satirized the Baylor administration which had educated the children of prominent conservative politicians for years. None of these eccentricities have been substantiated, for the record.

However, Rand Paul has denied the whole story– and threatened to sue GQ for publishing it. It turned out that the anonymous woman, talking about this story from nearly 30 years ago, has retracted, leaving GQ with some questions to answer.

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