Water Fluoridation Causing Political Issues

water fluoridationThe California Department of Public Health has issued a citation to the city of Watsonville for failing to comply with the state order to fluoridate the water supply.

The citation, received on Thursday, instructed the city to reply in writing by August 29th that it will comply and begin fluoridating the water by September 19th.

Watsonville’s city attorney, Al Smith, said the citation appeared “out of the clear blue.”

“We have been in communication with the Department of Health Services,” he said. “I was surprised … but it is what it is.”

Fluoridation has always been a political football since the city council agreed to accept it in February 2002 when Flouridation 2010 Workgroup offered the city $946,000 to fluoridate.

However, Watsonville residents have always been concerned about the presence of substances/poisons in the water not specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which of course includes fluoride.

State law requires the city to fluoridate if it is given funding to do so, and that is the precise issue at hand. The residents of Watsonville DON’T want poison in their water. It begs the question: Can you blame them?

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