What’s Going On With Mischa Barton?

Mischa Barton’s downfall continues. The former “O.C.” star was in London on Monday with what looked like cuts and scars on her right arm. It’s a little gross and a little disturbing. She also carried a box of guacamole around.

Last week the actress wandered around wearing a very weird dress outside the Old Swan Pub in London. Mischa claims she quit booze and drugs. She explained, “I’m avoiding drinking, which is a shame as there’s nothing better than a glass of delicious English Pimm’s.”

She was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold last summer, following the cancellation of her TV series “The Beautiful Life.” Meanwhile, Mischa is reportedly planning to put her problematic years in Hollywood behind her by moving back to her native London. Barton, who was born in Britain and moved to the U.S. at the age of six, is now said to be considering a transatlantic move from California so she can start afresh and spend more time with her U.K.-based boyfriend, DJ Ali Love.

The actress is also said to be planning to move her career in a new direction by taking on a role in London’s West End.

A source tells Britain’s Heat magazine, “Mischa’s found a great new guy. She can’t wait to move to London to be with him. It’s already in the works. Instead of Hollywood gigs, Mischa’s focusing on a stage career in the West End. She wants to spend a year in London and see where things go with both the theater and Ali. She’s so happy to be starting afresh. She’s so in love!”

If Barton does move to London, she will be able to spend more time with her elder sister, Zoe, who works as a barrister in the city. But a move to the U.K. capital might not be an end to Barton’s wild ways – she was photographed partying with Amy Winehouse at the city’s celebrity hangout pub, The Hawley Arms.

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