Wonder Drugs for Cancer are Available but Overpriced Though

drugs to prevent cancer - avastinDoctors who specialize in the treatment of cancer and other potentially terminal diseases face the most difficult task when they have to tell a patient that he or she has only a couple of months (years) to live.

It is really hard for doctors to know that they are doing everything in their power to give extend their patients’ lives and let them have extra time with their families.

It gets even more depressing when people having cancer know that there are cancer drugs out there in the drug stores that can prolong life but they cannot buy them because they are extremely expensive.

An announcement was made yesterday that the use of the drug ‘Avastin’ will be denied to sufferers of bowel cancer. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Execellence (NICE) made this declaration following which the predicament was made that despite cancer drugs being available, they can’t be used.

A specialist in bowel cancer for more than 16 years is deeply concerned over the impact on both patient care and clinical research in his particular area of medicine in the UK.

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