Anna Smith (Health)

Anna is 42 years old and is a very hard working and ambitious mother of 3! For 10 years she has been working as a writer at several large publishing companies and has also devoted significant time to her own magazine in the United States. Anna has great experience in Health field as she worked as a nurse after college for 5 years before getting out of the profession. To this day, she says this industry is her passion.

Robert Jones (Business & Finance)

Robert is the youngest and one of the most productive writers on our team. His specialty is Business. He graduated 3 years ago and has already reached a great success in reporting about the industry, including predicting the banking crisis before it happened! Jones has a Master’s degree in Economics and during the last 2 years of his studying at college he worked as an assistant of editor for university newspaper. He understood that he likes both fields and now, having good knowledge in business and good skills in journalism, he successfully combines both in working for Digital Meeting Center!

Michael Wright (Sports & Recreation)

Michael Wright used to work as journalist as long as he remembers. He studied Journalism in England and got some good experience on that side of the pond. He’s also a sports enthusiast, playing tennis, baseball and football while studying. He loves sports and will be with us a long time (we hope) sharing his passion with the world!

Darren Hobbes (Entertainment)

Darren, 29, is the quintessential “cool guy” who knows anyone and everyone and loves the club scene. We don’t make fun of him for that though, since he also loves to write. Since he is one of the guys who knows about all of the new movie releases, parties, concerts and night life, we decided to let him write for us. 🙂

Samantha York (Shopping)

Samantha York was born in the United States but lived for a long time in Italy.  She studied design in Milan and moved back to the US 3 years ago. Samantha is 26 years old and truly believes that nobody is deeper into fashion world than her. Ha! She also likes to travel and of course shop all around the world. She also covers the celebrity world from time to time for DMC.

John Miller (Travel)

John Miller, our resident Aussie, is all about traveling. He enjoys exploring world and has a desire to share this new knowledge about different cultures, traditions and living in other countries with people. He worked as a guide in South Africa for a while and lived in 4 different countries on 4 different continents during his life. Three years ago he decided to settle in the USA and create a family. Now John enjoys sharing his experience working as a writer with unmatched passion!

Matthew Star (Politics)

Matthew is a very passionate man, especially on the topic of Politics! His work tends to take you outside of the “left/right paradigm” and instead allows you to see a deeper, more holistic world of Politics. Anything that affects the world political structure is sure to be on his mind, and quite possibly, included in our news site! We welcome Matthew to the team and look forward to all of the content he wants to share with the world!